Google to Add AI Features to its Apps

Google to Add AI Features to its Apps (BARD)

Google is set to add new AI features to its core apps in the coming months.

This new technology will help users with tasks that previously required more effort.

For example, Google’s goal for its virtual Assistant, Google Assistant, is to make it the easiest way to get everyday tasks done.

Adding generative text AI, like Bard, will allow Assistant to answer more complex questions and help with tasks like creating a travel itinerary or making purchase decisions.

Google may choose to brand these new AI features as Google Assistant.

There is some precedent for shared names, like Smart Reply and Smart Compose, which are found across different Google apps.

Additionally, Google has a history of wanting users to see “Google” as the source of knowledge.

However, there is also the option of not giving these AI features a unifying name and letting them be a feature within each app.

Google is known for naming products after what they do, like Gmail, Calendar, Maps, and Photos.

The same principle could apply to these new transformative AI products.

In conclusion, it will be interesting to see how Google brands these new AI features and how they will improve the overall user experience.

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