New Enterprise Browser Here Aims to Eliminate the Costly 'Toggle Tax'

New Enterprise Browser “Here” Aims to Eliminate the Costly ‘Toggle Tax’

Here, Enterprise Browser launches to tackle the ‘toggle tax,’ enhancing productivity with customizable Supertabs and actionable notifications. Discover its groundbreaking features now!

Managing multiple browser tabs in the fast-paced digital world has become cumbersome.

Employees juggle numerous tabs simultaneously, leading to inefficiencies and the notorious ‘toggle tax.’

The relaunch of the Here Enterprise Browser promises to revolutionize this experience, providing a seamless and productive workspace for enterprises.

The Origins of Browser Tabs: A Double-Edged Sword

Since their inception in 1998, browser tabs have been a staple for web navigation.

However, with the increasing number of web applications used in professional settings, the sheer volume of open tabs can overwhelm users.

This issue has prompted innovative solutions like Google Chrome’s tab grouping, but even these measures still need to address the core problem.

Introducing Here Enterprise Browser: A New Era of Productivity

Here, previously known as OpenFin, has rebranded and introduced the Here Enterprise Browser.

This tool consolidates all work-related web applications and processes into a streamlined interface, eliminating the need to toggle between multiple tabs.

“We now have a fully SaaS enterprise browser that any firm can deploy, integrating their apps into a unified cloud experience,” said Mazy Dar, CEO and co-founder of Here, in an interview with VentureBeat.

Key Features of the Here Enterprise Browser

  1. Customizable, Unified Supertabs: Supertabs allow users to view multiple tabs simultaneously in a grid layout. Each tab functions as a fully interactive browser window, which can be rearranged and resized to suit individual preferences.
  2. App Interoperability: Applications within Supertabs dynamically update and share data, reducing the need for repetitive tasks like copy-pasting information.
  3. Deep Search: A universal search function lets users search across all applications, displaying actionable results in one unified interface.
  4. Actionable Notifications: The centralized notification center allows users to interact with notifications directly, such as filling out forms or entering data, without switching apps.
  5. Full Admin Control and Analytics: Administrators can manage app permissions, authorize apps and websites, and access usage analytics to ensure compliance and efficiency.

Below is an example of the Here Enterprise Browser’s grid view:

Here Enterprise Browser
Here Enterprise Browser

The Impact of the ‘Toggle Tax’

The ‘toggle tax’ refers to the productivity loss caused by frequent task-switching among various apps and websites.

Studies highlighted by the Harvard Business Review and Forrester Reports reveal that employees switch tasks over 1,200 times daily, wasting approximately four hours weekly.

This constant toggling leads to significant productivity losses and exposes sensitive information to security risks.

Key Findings on ‘Toggle Tax’Impact
Daily task-switching instances1,200+
Weekly hours wasted4
Time spent searching for information daily2 hours

Here Enterprise Browser: Built on Proven Success

Since its founding in 2010, OpenFin (now Here) has built a robust reputation with a client base of 90% of global financial institutions such as JP Morgan, Bank of America, and Barclays.

The company’s pivot to a non-white-labeled, independent product was driven by client demand for a more reliable, turnkey solution.

“We solved the problem of eliminating tab overload and toggling, drawing from our experience with diverse functions at banks and intelligence agencies,” added Dar.


The Here Enterprise Browser is more than just a tool; it’s a comprehensive solution to enhance productivity and streamline workflows.

By addressing the ‘toggle tax’ and offering features like Supertabs and deep search, Here is set to transform enterprises’ digital workspaces.

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