Have You Heard About Google's New Proofread Tool

Have You Heard About Google’s New ‘Proofread’ Tool?

Say hello to hassle-free typing with Gboard’s AI-driven ‘Proofread’ feature! Learn how it works and what is changing in the Android world.

Hey there, fellow texters and typers! 

I have got some exciting news for you all. Google is back at it, introducing a new cool tool to make our texting lives much easier. 

Let us dive right in and see what is cooking in the Google kitchen!

Meet Your New Best Friend: The ‘Proofread’ Tool

So, Google has this keyboard called Gboard, which many of us use daily to send messages, write emails, and more. 

They have added a new feature in the latest beta version (13.4) for Android users – the ‘Proofread’ tool. 

Imagine having a buddy sitting next to you, pointing out when you have made a typo or a grammar mistake as you type. 

This tool is designed to be just that — your typing buddy!

How Does This Buddy Work?

It is super simple! 

You will see a ‘Proofread’ option in your Gboard toolbar when you are typing something. 

Could you give it a tap, and voila? 

It quickly checks your text for spelling or grammar errors and even suggests fixing them. 

And guess what?

There is a ‘Fix it’ button to correct all the mistakes it found instantly. 

Easy peasy, right?

But Wait, There is a Catch

Now, before you jump with joy, there is a small catch. 

To help you with the suggestions, the tool needs to send your text to Google’s servers for a quick analysis. 

It is just a temporary thing, but it is something you should know. 

Google pops up a message explaining this, so you can choose to use it or not, keeping your privacy in check!

Fresh Look for Android, Too

Oh, and there is more! 

Along with this super helpful tool, Android is getting a little makeover.

We are discussing a new style with a capital ‘A’ for “Android” and a 3D avatar replacing the old bug droid logo. 

It is all about keeping things fresh and harmonious with Google’s branding, giving us a more modern and cohesive look between Android and Google logos.

Let’s Give it a Spin!

So what do you think, folks? It is a step towards making texting and emailing lives easier and error-free. 

Moreover, we get to be among the first to try it out since it is still in the beta stage for Android users.

Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences once you try this new ‘Proofread’ tool. 

Happy texting!

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